Somerset County Premier Team 2017

Somerset has a healthy and very successful Premier Team and ‘A’ Team.  Both play in the ICC and ICC Rinks competitions.  Following a recent relocation Somerset now play all their home games at the Huish Episcopy Acadamy in Langport.  Pictured above is one of of our successful Premier Teams.

 Trials for the County Team take place in August and September of every year and from those that attend a squad of around 50 players are selected.  This squad gets together at the Huish facility throughout the playing season to practice.  From the squad players are selected to play both home and away games against the counties in our region. Squad players are selected from a wide range of clubs but to qualify clubs must be registered with both the SSMBA and the ESMBA.

ICC Competitions  involve Somerset in league games with the following West Country Counties.  All matches are played under ESMBA Rules.  The “Buttons” below will take you to the associated websites.



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Following our recent trials please the squad list below for the forthcoming season. 

We have two Sundays booked at Huish where we have secured half of the hall. The first is this coming Sunday (22nd) which will be on the A Team side of the hall and the second is on (29th) which will be on the Premier Team side of the hall. We will aim to send out the teams for our first home game as soon as possible however in the meantime please can you confirm which day you will be attending. We will need to arrive at 9am for a 9.30 start- we can then arrange some matches- if for any reason you would like to come for just the afternoon or the morning we should be able to accommodate either way. Priority will be given to the A/Premier players playing on their mats in preparation for the first game however everyone is welcome and will be accommodated. 

Congratulations to all of those selected for the squad for the forthcoming season

Chris Jeans

Celia Jeans

Sue Smith

Justin Haskins

Andrew Cowlin

Catherine Cowlin

Keith Hawkins

Carol Hawkins

Sean Copley

Pauline Jacobs

Keith Jacobs

Dave Hutter

Kenny Glover

Linda Glover

Dennis Matthews

Jane Matthews

Chris Shakeshaft

Dan Winmill

Malcolm Sheen

Lindsay Groves

Alex Newton

Yvonne Hughes

Harrison Sheen

Keith Talentyre

Paul Fisher 

Maureen Millard

Sandra Odams

Erika Mackenzie

Robert Jewell

Dawn Church

Nigel Dear

Stephen Rhodes

Melvyn Morris

Andy Church

Ade Hennessy

Phil Paul

Janet Scott

Gordon Hughes

Sue Pinkawa

Mike Pinkawa

Alan Berry

Hazel Berry

Martin Cowlin

Robert Nevitt

Barry Keirle

Ian Bolton

Albert Scott

Deryk Lemon

Somerset County 2019/20 Squad Members

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